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A young girl practicing question wholesale ballet, decided to dance cheap nike jerseys strikes as a lifelong career. One day, she went to see the ballet head, said: “I want to become a good dancer, I wonder whether I have the talent?” The head of her dancing, shook his head and said: “no, you do not have this condition.” The girl put the shoes into the box, never pass through. Later married and gave birth to a son, when the supermarket attendant. Several years later, saw the head of ballet, reminds me of the conversation, she asked: “one thing I still don’t understand, how do you know I’m not so soon when the dancer’s talents?” Head said: “Oh, I almost didn’t see how you dance.”. I’m just saying to you what everybody else is going to say.” She cried angrily, “you’ve ruined my life!” Head said: “No. If you really want to be a dancer, you don’t care about what I say to you.”


This story gives us a serious question: in the face of doubt, how should we do?

Born in a family of scholar Lu Chuan, childhood love movies, influenced by the director Zhang Yimou, sowed director dream, want to apply for the film academy. But his father questioned: “young, only know the movie fur, no experience of life and feelings, not only can not make good movies, but also a conceited with.” After the college entrance examination, his father forced him to fill for others, the people’s Liberation Army University of International Relations, after graduation, he was assigned to the COSTIND do translation work. However, Lu Chuan always refused to give up their dreams. Two years later, he threw down the superior work, hiding from his father to enter oneself for an examination of the Academy of film director of the Department of graduate students. Hard after the completion of their studies, in the film industry veteran, has produced “guns” “Kekexili” “Nanjing! Nanjing! “The king’s Feast” and other influential films, the film won the “golden” “horse” “rooster” and other awards, he also won the best director award for many times, has become one of the representatives of China’s seventh generation of the famous director.


How to face the challenge is a touchstone of personal success. Lu Chuan cheap nfl jerseys and the girl, is also a dream, the same is questioned, why there will be a different outcome, a circle of a dream, a dream shattered, because they face the question to take a different attitude. Lu Chuan confident, there is persistence, not to give up; girls lack self-confidence, did not insist, in the face of the question to give up.

The question is in our life is very easy to meet, some questioned you are too young to experience less, some questioned your qualifications too shallow ability is not strong, all in all, this is not the only one. But you have to have a clear mind, to have a long-term vision. I am not young, are growing up with little experience, well; I can accumulate ah; junior, I can buy authentic jerseys online  experience it; ability is weak, I can exercise enhanced! Everything can be changed, but you can not change the ideal, persist can not change. Basketball star Jeremy Lin is a number of times was questioned in the break out of the hero. In July 2010, Jeremy Lin was selected by the Jinzhou warriors NBA, soon after being questioned nfl jerseys 2016 on the issue of the ability to the development of the league, soon to be recalled, and then decentralization, so repeated 6 times, and finally was cut off the warriors. After joining the Rockets, but just over half a month, and once again was questioned, once again abandoned. In the face of repeated questioning, he is not discouraged, do not give up, unremittingly, work hard, improve skills, enhance the ability of. In December 27, 2011, Jeremy Lin signed with the Nicks team, stepped in, the team made 7 straight, shine. He has become the highest scoring player in the first 4 games in the first games since 1977, with more than Iverson, O’neal and Jordan. On February 15, 2012, the Raptors at the end of the Nicks team, he hit a buzzer 3, completed a fatal blow, even President Obama also once said: “this is a great story!” This, indeed, is a great story to overcome many doubts!


How to face the challenge, not by turns, by impulse does not work, must be calm, even a  cheap nfl jerseys reflection. After Lining retired, accepted the Jianlibao group general manager Li Jingwei’s invitation, served as general manager of the special assistant. After taking office to hear some staff behind said: “he is a ‘Prince’ in the gymnastics arena, the shopping centres are utterly ignorant of what, as an assistant?” Lining no impulse, but calm reflection, feel that their management experience, the ability to do business with the position does have a larger gap. Then he lowered himself, close to the staff, humbly ask for advice, work overtime, learning management and business. At the same time, using their own resources in the sports circle, run to and fro, for the company to develop the market, strive for the customer, then for the cheap nfl jerseys for sale company achieved impressive achievements. Let the voices disappeared.


The face of challenge, the fool as to avoid resistance; wise as power, and use. Chinese developed the first artificial earth satellite Dongfanghong, Tsien Hsueshen recommended Qi presided over the development of preparatory work, has been questioned by other experts, think he is young, cannot do so remarkable task. At that time, Qi also feel the pressure to find another candidate, Tsien Hsueshen suggested. But when you hear the cheap jerseys online voices of doubt, he thought of the country’s aerospace industry for generations to write brilliant, immediately volunteered: “I must accept the task, take practical action to prove itself.” In order to do a good job of project development and nfl demonstration.

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