Enhanced Services

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Our design team is equipped with cutting edge software and computing instruments for the best performance and solutions.


Innovative and practical, our team accomplishes projects through disciplined application.


Ensuring that our client can obtain enhanced services from us, we keep our clients inform on the available ACMV industry enhancement they can enjoy in Cost, Design, Health and add-on facilitation.

Odour Treatment


Ambient scent contributes to the building of a favorable perception of the mall environment, and indirectly to product quality.


Although significant, product quality may be viewed as a necessary but not sufficient condition to explain increased shopper's spending.


Non-environmental factors mediate consumer spending.


Retailers should seriously consider ambient scent in their marketing toolbox. .


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Electrostatic Aircleaner


Air Purifier is use to improve the quality of air in an enclose area.


The air around us we breath can cause discomfort, because it leads to coughing, itching, feeling tired or have running eyes.


These are cause by carpets, furniture, cleaning product and etc.


As a office is in a confine space, staff which are ill can spread germs and bacteria easily. This in turn decrease productivity of work.

The Cooling Experience