Suppliers’ Corner



Our company regards each supplier and subcontractor as a business partner, and as such, feels it is important to maintain an atmosphere of honesty and integrity in our dealings. Our ethical policies are simple and straightforward. Selection of our suppliers and subcontractors is based exclusively on quality, service, price and suitability to BERTS and our client's needs.

What we are looking for..



We seek professional organizations that can meet these ideals and grow their competence jointly with us on increasingly difficult projects.Finally, technology allows us to leverage our work processes, knowledge, and supply chain relationships; we expect our suppliers and contractors to support the way we work.


To meet our needs as described above, we look for suppliers and contractors who have an interest to provide related Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation materials and goods and services.


  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • Air Handling, Fans, Blowers
  • Solar Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • Compressors / Vacuum Equipment
  • Condensers / Cooling Towers
  • Ductwork and Dampers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air-Cooler
  • Piping
  • Bulk Piping Pipe & Insulation
  • Pipe Fabricated Pipe Spools Pipe
  • Fittings and Flanges Piping Specialty Items Valves

The Cooling Experience