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Harrison Okeni is If you don’t give jerseys a 29 year old Nigeria from china wholesale free shipping guy. In May 26, 2013, Harrison took the work of the tug “Jason No. 4” sea. However, he had not thought of it a crowning calamity not far away in front of waiting for him.

That day, the full horsepower of “Jason 4” as usual in the vast sea, no strange. However, in the “Jason No. 4” off the coast of Nigeria 32 kilometers, the sea suddenly set off huge waves, the uncontrollable huge swings. Everyone had a premonition that disaster is out of a pair of hand to catch them.

At this time Harrison is in the bathroom, he premonition is not good, is trying to go out and companions together, the ship sank. Harrison hull with panic flip constantly falling, darkness enveloped him quickly. Of course, cheap jerseys online along with the darkness, and the sea. In the dark, Harrison felt the water rising, he was afraid, so the sea will sooner or later fill the whole toilet flooded. However, what he feared did not happen, and the water soon stopped rising.

This is why? Harrison think is next door to the office bathroom and formed a cavitation region, so he tried to make himself to the side closer. Darkness continued to devour Harrison, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, for 1 hours, and for 2 hours, Harrison in the cold water suffering. Not only that, unbearable hunger and thirst it again and again to challenge him. Harrison felt wholesale nba jerseys that death was getting closer to himself. When Harrison stumbled, he seemed to see the stay at home waiting for his son to return home mother. Yes, grey-haired mother, have to bear the pain of losing a child, this is what a sad thing. No, no, for mother, I must live. Harrison opened his eyes, but still black.

Harrison began to grope in the dark, expecting a miracle in the bathroom, to find him some food and water. Unfortunately, No. Yeah, how can there be food and water in the bathroom? Harrison was discouraged. Harrison, who has been soaked in water for many hours without eating, appears to be getting weaker. But his consciousness is sober. Harrison began to recall the shipwreck before. Did anyone enter the bathroom before himself? Yes, Mourinho in here, the greedy guy might leave what. Harrison fought again in the dark. This time, his hand moved forward inch by inch.

Suddenly, Harrison’s hand was a little pot of hard things, when he took up the heart welled up a chuckle. Harrison’s hands stroked, gosh, coke, is the most love authentic jerseys online to drink Coke Cola, Mourinho. Harrison opened cans “tread on air, drink a big plump. In Harrison open mouth, intend to drink second mouth, like a mother’s voice, “children, slowly drink, not urgent.” This childhood staged countless scenes how familiar. Harrison tears, he said wholesale jerseys free shipping in his heart, mother, do you know how lonely and scared I am now?

“In order to mother, must go out alive”, for this only a little help cola, Harrison decided to enjoy “little by little”, in order to win the time of life waiting for miracle. At the moment, Harrison, without the initial fear, kept his body as constant as possible to maintain his strength. But the brain is fast thinking about escape. But then, Harrison began to feel very depressed, because even if they escape from the cabin, the huge pressure will make their submarine smashed to pieces, it is difficult to escape. (don’t) they are meant to be at the bottom of the sea? While thinking, Harrison heard the sound of fish nibbling around the dead body.

It was horrible, and Harrison, soaked in seawater in the dark, felt completely cold. God, do you have the heart to take me away? Harrison despairs in his heart. I do not know how long, Harrison was once again awakened by hunger. He greedily picked up the coke, drank a mouthful, sweet! Harrison suddenly thought, maybe this cola is God to save their gifts. The desire to live once again ignited, Harrison believe that some people will tug wreck salvage organization. Adhere to, wait, adhere to!

I do not know how long they had stumbled, Harrison seemed to feel a bit light, after what the past East west. Rescue, is it rescue? Harrison was ecstatic. He concentrated on finding the light. Just then he noticed a diver approaching wholesale nfl jerseys cheap and reaching out to him. Harrison is very excited, he immediately out of hand tightly pulled the diver, afraid to miss. “Oh, alive, he was still alive, this is thought to find the remains of a diver overjoyed.

At this point, there are different directions from the beam at the same time to shine on Harrison. Harrison, who had been in the dark for 62 hours, was unable to cheap nfl jerseys china open his eyes with the glare. Immediately, rescue workers to help Harrison put on the oxygen mask, and began the rescue.

Harrison was rescued in 30 meters of the Atlantic ocean, without any protective measures such as diving suits trapped under 62 hours after the ship survived, become 12 members only one survivor.

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