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Every young man every life is home to believes that he is cheap nfl jersey the world different, believe he came to the world to change the world, full of ambition. But at the age of more than and 20 into the society, especially in China, the environment is relatively less healthy Chinese society, into the society, many people are painfully aware that those young talent and enthusiasm, these young people are very honest upright, from more than and 20 years old to more than and 30 years without a single success mixed. In China, this is a very common phenomenon.

You have the ability, talent and enthusiasm, but accomplish nothing, because you won’t be diplomatic, do not see what people say, hell that nonsense, not flattering in front of the leader, won’t shuaxinyan in front of colleagues, what wholesale nfl jerseys will. The result is that you work very strong, very honest, to 30 years old nothing. These people painfully found around those smelly rascal, age seventeen at the age of eight live especially sophisticated Gang jackrabbit, duck in the community, people say, hell that nonsense, to see the leadership of the character, simply can not see, see colleagues is another attitude. The office is very smooth, to 30 years old are mixed very well, money, want the car to car, kept woman six.

So these honest young people to 30 cheap football jerseys years old is very hesitant, began to produce serious self doubt, thought I was doing? So he in order to obtain the benefits of survival, decided to follow rascal. So these people, no matter what the excuse, finally chose to do a sick sick adults in the society of people, the most annoying is that they also have the illusion that this is “mature”. And then came to poison the young man, and said to them, you see, when I was young, like you, now I call maturity, you call childish.

Is this mature? I don’t think this is mature, this is shameless. I saw many of my peers are like this, a lot of people when I was a good friend, was full of ideals, full of good things, and I believe I can change the world, and finally turned into this disgusting people. I went home to eat good perfunctory, sometimes bad mood can not help but spot expose them. I said: “you see you bastard, nfl jerseys free shipping young when we chat together, say you want to change the world, now you, you change a fart.” And then they will have some feel shy, said: “Oh, OK, let’s not naive Luo, then? Who can change the world? No one can cheap nfl jerseys change the world.” I said to them: “you are welcome, you have changed the world, because you become a disgusting person, the world more disgusting people, so it became a little disgusting.”

Do you understand? Every life came to the world, are doomed to change the world, this is your fate, you have no choice. You can make the world a little better, or make the world a little bit worse. Some people are not convinced, said: “I don’t believe that I Dutch act.” (you) commit suicide by changing the world’s suicide rate a little bit. If you go into the society, in order to survive or to what shameless reason to become a member of a sick adult society, you can make the world become a little nausea. If your life upright, upright and outspoken, did not do any things, did not do any harm to others, a lifetime desperate to put his wife and children, mother, the people around good care, no fame, no money, no great achievement in career life, integrity, finally gengzhuobozi died at the age of seventy or eighty, your life is not to change the world?

You change the world, you make the world a little better. Because of you, the world has a lot of good people, understand it? Every life comes to the world, is destined to change the world. So one day you struggle, do not know to do a rogue,…… Or be an honest man. When you are in the middle of the loss, I hope you remember what I told you today, this sentence, every life is  nfl jerseys china destined to change the world.

There is, we do not expect to change the world overnight, which is very naive. You must know that our ancestors, even with very aggressive ways, such as jerseys china factory violent revolution, such as people and his friends, led a group of people on guerrilla warfare, Jinggangshan, by the way of violent revolution to change the old world, how much to use? 22 years……. Even the most radical, the most violent revolution, can scarcely wait the way, also need 22 years to build a new world. How can you  wholesale jerseys expect to change the world overnight, in a rational, gentle, nonviolent way? Only slowly. Be patient enough to change the world bit by bit. That’s it. I hope you all remember this.

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