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But in fact, I Father once shop for wholesale never knew what my father’s dream cheap nhl jerseys to society was.My father never willing to tell me his story, sometimes I even asked him just smile just changed the subject, so I told him before understanding only some mother and aunt, was reduced to fragments: 16 years old admitted to the Peking University, Ding Shisun is the president of Peking University Students of higher learning mathematics and theoretical mechanics, determined to become a national contribution to society of scientists. During the “Cultural Revolution”, he was labeled as a counter revolutionary, sent to Xinjiang, ten years of hard labor.

After the “Cultural Revolution”, the father got political rehabilitated and returned to the Peking University. But he is no longer before ten years of hard labour for him, the dream has not been mentioned in science. Ten years, consumed all his passion for the dream. Turn over his relics, including two photos. A cheap nfl jerseys china photo of her grandmother, a young spark, head, eyes bright; one is vindicated after a few years of teaching in the University alone, behind the back, still head, but the thick lens is not clear what.

When waiting for the father rehabilitated at Peking University, met my mother. At that time, my mother just went to Beijing, working in the factory football jerseys online, free time to Beijing University audit. Their age difference 16 years old, different experience, different family background, different values, but desperate to come together, get married, have children.

However, their marriage is not smooth. A few months after I was born, they began to separate. Father due to historical problems cannot be left to work in Beijing, as Beijing University students but only to teach an unknown University in Fujian. In my childhood, always come out of their fight, mother’s voice is more and more big, tired of each other. Dragged a few years later, no temperature, they formally divorced. I also began to leave Beijing, followed his father to Fujian, life so far.

His father taught at the University of advanced mathematics and theoretical mechanics at North University. His life is the basic class, class, number of papers. Memory, late at night, he fell in front of the desk, student papers piled high on both sides, quickly overwhelmed him. He quickly hooked or drew a fork cheap authentic jerseys online . Sometimes when I passed from the living room, he will see the side edge of correcting, shook his head and sighed. I asked him once authentic nfl jerseys: “Dad, what do you sigh?” He smiled and shook his head, and did not speak. Now think of it, he felt like a V in front of the windows of the eagle, but obviously see as boundless as the sea and sky, incapable of action at a loss what to do.

My father was a man of extreme simplicity, and I never saw him buy clothes for himself. Xia Tianqing a white shirt, during that charge for more than ten years, every student graduation photo, in addition to increasing the fat and increased body wrinkles, he is like a copy and paste, copy and paste the general. He seems to have no need for material, but to buy books and tapes.

He is an amateur standard. A bookcase opera tape home, “Wu Ji”, “wangjiangting basin”, “Mu Guiying command” is his favorite. Every evening he would pull the throat to roar for half an hour, calling: practice voice. The same building is his university colleagues, let me remain perplexed despite much thought is that they not only did dad noise pollution complaints appreciate, every year the school will welcome all recommended him on the stage. The balcony is opposite a primary school, one evening I was at school with buddies to play hide and seek, I hide in a wall behind, suddenly heard a voice suddenly heard “golden drum sounds the bugle sound shock, arouse my broken Tianmen gun……” I was scared, so I head out to the opposite side of the home balcony roar 1: “Lin to you quietly!” Then? Then I was found buddy……

But, after he left Beijing, the only hobby, nothing to do with science.

Father’s habits are very good, get up at six or seven every morning, and then go out running, cycling or swimming. So, I never thought his body would be a problem. Even after he operated on a stomach stone, I didn’t realize he was getting worse. He said nike nba jerseys top quality to me, this is just a small operation, like a child like a cold injection, plain and ordinary, not worth mentioning.

I believe it.

I believe him more than anyone else.

When I saw him lying in bed motionless until the morning, until he did not give me time to promise good breakfast the day before, until I lie in his chest but doesn’t feel his heartbeat, until the medical staff told me that the night before he has gone. I never believed him again.

Father’s funeral that day especially cold, I followed him for university car, came to the funeral home for the funeral. I watched him lying in the clear glass coffin and knew it was the last. Before he was promoting the incinerator, the staff told me that while your dad pushed, you would shout “daddy go ah”, so you can hear Dad run, it will not be burning pain. What I never cried, I was thinking: “Dad Dad Dad don’t go if you don’t go if you don’t go.” I also want to tell him, you still owe my breakfast, your clothes on the balcony also confiscated,

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