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It seems that everyone different kind of wholesale will encounter nfl jerseys from china such a person in his life: he is always with you too, embarrassed you everywhere, constantly deny you, picky you. In front of him, you will feel uncomfortable, you may hate him: why always torture me? Why always with me? However, in his demanding, you also unknowingly grow, become more outstanding, if not them, you may become lazy, slack, and ultimately away from success. If we take a long view, from the perspective of the overall pattern of life, those who torture you is precisely the achievements of your people.

When a butterfly is a larva, it lives in a small cocoon. If you want to break, it must pass through that little export, this process requires its efforts, many larvae lost their lives, not to become a beautiful butterfly. Some people think butterflies are so pathetic, why not make the cocoons bigger, so that the cheap jerseys online larvae don’t have to suffer like that. So they cut the cocoon with scissors, and the larvae could easily get out of the cocoon, but they lost the ability to fly and crawl along the ground with their wings. Originally, the key is to help the small export growth of the larvae of butterfly wings, only after the export of extrusion, two wings can be successfully hyperemia, larvae to become butterflies fly. Artificially cut the export of large cocoons, butterfly wings lost the opportunity to congestion, they can never fly. This is the saddest thing for butterflies.

In fact, people with butterflies, but also through the cocoon process, only in this way can increase the cheap jerseys online thickness and toughness of life. So, if you meet people who torture you or torture you, do not complain, do not retreat, these are your opportunities for growth, is your only way to success. If life is a road, perhaps will be like those who get help the butterflies, shrunken wings, can not fly.

I remember when I was in high school, there is a very strict teacher, almost every question will be asked to authentic jerseys online answer me, other students did not come, he said very gently “sit down,” if I can’t answer, he would let me stay there until the class. For my homework, once there is a mistake, he must let me correct later to his office to see again.

At that time we live in is not to turn off the lights at night after the chat between students, but the teenager is lively, we often secretly chat. This is not a serious thing, many students have been caught by the teacher, but mostly say “go to sleep” on the past. I’ve been caught once, things are not that simple. The teacher first fined me to write a review, and then let me invite parents to school. I am not convinced, think of the teacher must be with me, so I deliberately, torture me.

Later grew up, I realized that this harsh is actually my preference. It is because of this severe, my grades can be better and better, in order to enter the ideal university. (can) say, without this teacher, my fate may be rewritten. I will always be grateful to him. In the journey of life, if the road is always flat, you may feel Everything is going smoothly., comfort and ease, but also will lose the opportunity, you see the scenery may also be bland; if you experienced some ups and downs, may feel the pain and struggle, but these will become the valuable wealth of your life the day after, you will become successful important capital.

Roman Roland once said: “only to complain about others nike jerseys cheap and the mood of the environment into the power of progress, is the guarantee of success.” Indeed, thanks to only have afflicted people or things of their own, can we understand the meaning behind to torture, the peace of mind to work hard and learn to jerseys make a difference.

No wonder people say: “after some setbacks, a long experience; let a nhl jerseys cheap lot of wholesale nfl jerseys china adversity, by a bearing.”

Torture is a required course of life, only the people who have read this university will pursue success and happiness in the end, because they know the taste, so they are most eager to get rid of this feeling.

The French Enlightenment thinker Voltaire said: “life is full of thorns, the only way we know from the thorns on good jerseys them quickly.”

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