Business Solutions (Maintenance)

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We offer an effective repair and maintenance team who plays a crucial role ensuring the entire ACMV system is operational. The team handles the reveiews and reports of the ocndition of oour clients' ACMV system, replaces parts and provides technical support as and when needed.


Our long established relationships with a variety of manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of new and direct equivalent replacement equipment and parts. As such, we are able to negotiate competitive prices on behalf of clients and share discounts with them.


Your Cooling Experience


Response time

We know just how important air conditioning is to your premises, should you need us in a hurry. You can count on our immediate response and prompt arrival. Your breakdown will be attended to urgently. All necessary repairs will be carried out to restore comfort conditions without delay.



Working with your convenient schedule and ensuring that job is competed is our priority. Keeping you up-to-date with the current status of your system at all times ensures any repairs can be carried out with your approval.


Technical Solution

We are commited to excellence. Our technical capabilities and knowledge gained over the years has provided us with superior technical capabilities to our technicians enabling them to overcome challenges and rectify problems.

The Cooling Experience